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Posted on Feb 25, 2015 in Inspiration | 0 comments

Minimalism…and its opponents?


In those earliest moments of the morning, when you are just barely awake, do you think deep philosophical thoughts? One of the benefits of waking up before the alarm goes off is that you ease into the day from sleep. Sometimes, I realize that I am thinking about things that seem a bit silly after coffee and a walk.

This morning, I was wondering whether being a proponent of something (say minimalism) automatically defines an opposition. If you are in favor of something, is there always someone against it?

What got me thinking about this was a video series recommended by a friend that defined minimalists as people who do as little as possible. He went on to say that based on this, minimalism leads to laziness and mediocrity.

At first I wondered if he was unaware of the motivation to be a minimalist, to focus on what is really important rather than acquiring objects, so that you can use all of your resources to create a meaningful life. But if he is really aware of this, could he really be interpreting minimalism as just laziness?

I have heard the argument that minimalism is bad for the economy, since we need to buy things to create more jobs, but this really was a surprise.

What do you think? Valid alternative interpretation or out of left field?

 Photo credit: Micky Zlimen


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