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Posted on Jan 31, 2014 in How to simplify, My Journey | 4 comments

Curiosity Saved the Dog


I want to live a simple, happy life.  I guess you could say I’m moving towards minimalism.  What’s the word for this?  Simpleton? Simplist?  I kind of like the term simplicity, but “simplism?”

My dog, although a true simplist in his life and habits, is not interested in having fewer possessions.  He loves to make piles of pillows and blankets to sleep in, and piles of toys to play with.  He brings his favorite soft toys to bed with him as the honored pillow for his head.

We are having an unusually cold winter here.  This is a problem for my greyhound, who can’t tolerate cold very well.  Our long walks have become shorter, and I am always looking for indoor activities that he can enjoy to get some exercise and stimulation.

This weekend, despite the snow, wind and cold,  we bundled up and went to an event to get the word out about greyhound rescue. First, we greeted the other dogs.  Somehow, we always choose the opposite end of the dog to greet, so this works out pretty well.  We spoke with the other greyhound adopters, and chased a ball around for a while.  When came time to go back home, it was a sad moment for both of us.

I decided to get my dog a new toy to keep him entertained as the temperatures drop again this week.  It is bouncy like a ball, but it is caved in and has holes in it to get treats in and out.  I gave it to him with a couple of pieces of kibble, expecting him to get the food out, and come back over to play.  But he didn’t. He rolled it, pawed at it, picked it up and bounced it, chewed it.  It gave up a few pieces, but kept most of them.  He didn’t give up, but brought it with him to lay down.  He studied it a long time, occasionally licking it and turning it over with his nose. Then he was inspired to get up and drop it down the back stairs.  As it bounced its way down, it lost the remaining food, allowing him to run along behind and collect them.  Last night, the new toy was his constant companion. He brought only this toy to bed.

Just now, as I was sweeping up the downstairs entryway, a slow rain of toys came bouncing down the stairs, followed by a curious pup, looking for treats.  I think we have a new game that will keep us both busy until things thaw out–Simplicity and minimalism can wait for a thaw.



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  1. Hello, You KNOW I loved this post! My dog Tillie (just about 2-1/2, Beagle – Jack Russell mix – is playful and amusing. She seems to favor “squeaky-deakey” toys – just small flexible toys that squeak. She jumps around after these toys as if they wer alive.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story1

    • Ivan likes the fuzzy, squeaky ones, usually. His training at the track likely reinforced that preference! This is the first time he chose a treat dispensing toy to snuggle with in bed. He has taken it to bed with him every night for a week now.
      I guess we all get a little stir crazy during winter storms, but it helps to take on a challenge when you are stuck indoors!
      I hope you are both having a good winter.

      • I love this story, too. He is one clever hound!

        • Thanks for reading!
          He is very persistent, too. When it comes to food, anyway.

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