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Posted on Dec 30, 2013 in Inspiration, Menus and Recipes | 9 comments

The Past is Past

Beautiful day at the park

Beautiful day at the park

Last week, I visited the Florida Keys for a few days.  On the way there, I stopped at a race track to learn something about dog racing.  I really don’t know much about dog racing, but I have adopted a wonderful greyhound who is retired from racing.  If you have ever met me or read my blog, you now that I love my dog. And talk about him a lot.

A few days after he came to live with me, the adoption group sent me his racing records.  I never really looked carefully at them, but I remember he raced in Florida.  Dog racing is very controversial, but it is still pretty popular there.  I thought if I went to his former home, I might learn something about what shaped him and made him such a lovely creature.  I went to the track, now a casino too, and looked around.  They were not racing that afternoon, and there were no dogs there.  No one seemed to know where the dogs were kept, or who was in charge of them.  Everyone was inside, betting in the casino or on televised dog races at other tracks.

Aside from a few shouts when someone won a bet, the place could have been a library with all of the studying going on.  We had a nice lunch, and went on with the vacation.

When I returned home, I was a little sad that I did not learn more about my beautiful dog’s history, but this is what I found:

IMG_0073He isn’t interested in that track anymore.  This is his life now.  He races up the stairs and chases me when we play.


Happy New Year!


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    • Such great dogs! Do you ever think about their past lives? I wonder especially when he is running or making noises in his sleep!

      • Hello, I do wonder about both Corky and Tillie, but as I know a bit about Corky, Tillie (2-1/2) is the greater mystery. She is such a fun-loving dog, loves to jump around after her squeaky toys, extremely alert and curious. Corky is the older one (13), he is so sweet, follows me everywhere, always has.

        • Ivan loves every human and dog, and always approaches with a wagging tail. I hope this means he had a happy existence before he came to me.

          • I hope so! Keep Ivan in future posts. Happy New Year to you, Ivan, your loved ones, all all who read this!

      • My dog Shiloh seems to covet everything, he’s the jeuloas type! He does like laying down on my bed and his bones. He won’t even let the cats near his bones and I keep telling him the cats aren’t interested in his bones but he still keeps protecting them!

        • Hi Yumiko!
          It seems that dogs have unique personalities just like we do. It would be nice to know what they are thinking, though.

  1. Ours pups are rescues too, adopted from the local humane society. They were 8 and 9 when we adopted them and we often wonder if they remember anything about their previous lives. I think my German Shepherd would have, but these guys, though cute and loving, are not that bright, LOL.

    I totally encourage people who have kids or busy lives to consider adopting an older dog instead of getting a puppy or young adult. Someday I’ll be ready for a young dog again, but right now it’s wonderful to have lazy dogs!

    • I guess it’s silly to worry about the past for a creature that lives in the moment. He is happy now. It is nice to have an older dog that already has a lot of training, too! Mine still thinks he is a puppy, though.

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