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Posted on Nov 21, 2013 in My Journey | 8 comments

An Even Simpler Life

I have not posted for a while because I have a new hobby that has taken hold of my life.  Well, not a hobby exactly, but an re-activation of an old injury that needs my attention.  I have begun physical therapy, and I hope that this will eventually make me stronger and healed for good. But, the therapy takes a lot of time and makes everything hurt more  (The PT thinks this is logical: more pain= healing.  I didn’t notice it at first, but she is starting to resemble this guy:

05_Flatbed_2 - AUGUST

Like the physical possessions that inhabit our lives, our activities inhabit our days.  I can do almost anything I need to do, but some things take longer, have to be put off until later, or just cancelled. It’s amazing how a change like a health issue or other disaster can change your whole perspective on what is important and what is expendable.

Seriously. I am back up and running, and mostly not dead.

Sorry for all the Princess Bride references.

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  1. I really did laugh out loud. However, I hope your physical therapy becomes less painful soon.

    • I’m laughing too. It is more fun if I laugh about it. It’s easier to take the giant pill when it’s coated in chocolate, right?

  2. I sure do hope you’re 100% soon. Yes, physical pain can make almost everything else disappear. I had my one big event back in 2006 that lasted two years, and I thought I was having similar issues just a month or so ago. Luckily, it righted itself, and I am “back.” I think it’s important to keep a sense of humor if and when you can. I do know that’s not easy, so happy healing!!!

    • Thank you! It’s great to hear you are better. It’s worth the trouble, but seems that the cure is worse than the injury for now.

  3. Your post might be brief, but it’s very good. I will keep you in my prayers as you heal. Christmas blessings!

  4. That is exactly my experience when I began exercising again! Lots of pain, a long wait to see the results and then all of a sudden I notice my clothes were loose and I had more stamina. I don’t know the exact point when it all got better because it was so gradual that I couldn’t detect day to day differences. But then one day I realized I could walk 3 flights of stairs without being winded and my pants fit better AND I needed new ones. Good for you for committing to put yourself and health first! It’s hard to prioritize self care in our daily routine so we have to gradually build it in.

    • Also, I meant to tell you that I finally have been able to change my mindset about getting up in the morning in that it is all about getting ready for work or the family for school. But I get up in the morning to live my life and work is just part of it. This morning I woke up early and didn’t immediately think about getting myself and the family ready for work and school BUT spent time reading things I wanted to read and just doing small things around the house that I wanted to do. Baby steps are paying off!

      • Great! It’s so nice to hear about your progress. I’m hoping for a payoff from the pain soon-maybe some increase in flexibility or strength. Anything would be nice.
        It’s such a small change to get up to the day instead of getting up to go to work, but it makes a big difference. Mornings are so nice when you don’t start out in a panic!

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