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Posted on Nov 15, 2013 in How to simplify, My Journey | 2 comments

Multitasking in the Kitchen


Well, I learned a few things this week.  First, multitasking does not work in the kitchen.  Like it never does anywhere.  I just ran upstairs to put a load of laundry on while a pot of water cam e to a boil, and then I thought I should collect the trash, and somehow, when I came back, the pot had just boiled dry.

This seems like a lucky break, but this was a non-stick pan, and overheating them can be dangerous (Really.  Don’t keep you canary in the kitchen. Check it out here and here).  I decided to let my last two of these pans go, and replace them with a healthier alternative. After doing some reading about how well (or not well at all) the ceramic non-stick pans work.  Also, they are pretty expensive.  One thing kept coming up as a suggestion, though.  Use cast iron pans.  I have been using a cast iron frying pan for a while, but I also have two pots that are enamel-covered cast iron.  I use them for soup and in the oven mostly, since I don’t have a crock pot.

For now, I am just getting rid of the non-stick pans, and using the heavy iron pots.  They are heavy, but I already have them, and this is a chance to simplify the kitchen a little more.  Plus, they are awesome and red.


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  1. I love my cast iron! I use it constantly – oven, stove top, bread baking….very good multitaskers.

    • I hope so! I guess I’ll let the pots do the multitasking from now on.


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