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Posted on Oct 7, 2013 in My Journey | 4 comments

The Fall Hankie Challenge


A few weeks ago, when I was in the middle of the end-of-summer cleanup, I found a basket in the back of a shelf in my closet.  The basket was full of handkerchiefs, lacy, plain, embroidered, and printed with flowers.

I collected these over the years with the intention of using them, but they sat there with nice-smelling sachets keeping them company. So, for the change in season from summer to fall, I am challenging myself to use only hankies for my nose.  No tissues.  This challenge seems small, but it is not going to be easy. I have allergies, and wipe my nose a lot.

On the other hand, I will have pockets in my clothes more often now than during the summer.

I hope this will be as good for my nose as it is for the environment.

 Photo credit: maureen lunn
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  1. What a great use for your find! CJ and I recently bought cheap washcloths at Target and are using them as napkins. I hope your handkerchiefs work out like our washcloths. We love them!

    • Great idea! They would be more absorbent than some napkins, and probably don’t get stained as much, either.

  2. Good use for worn out t-shirts too (too ratty to donate). They don’t look as nice of course but for home….You don’t even need to sew the edges, just cut whatever size you want and there you have it. Nice and soft on your nose, too.

    • That is a new way to use your sleeve to wipe your nose! It could be a solution if the hankies are not as gentle as tissues. I wonder if they are big enough to last all day, too. It will be an adventure.

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