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Posted on Aug 28, 2013 in How to simplify, My Journey | 4 comments

Simplify Your Bedrooms: End-of-Summer Cleanup Part 10

 8353755391_850f1998fe_nHow Dust Bunnies are Made 

In previous episodes, I decluttered the books, reduced clothing buildup, and removed excess baggage luggage.  What is left to do in the bedroom?  In my house, there are the dreaded dust bunnies, dusty blinds and dog toys.


Light under the bed

I like to have nothing stored under the beds.  There is a feng shui reason for this, but having a lot of stuff stored under the largest piece of furniture seems to bring a heaviness to the room.  Bed skirts have the same effect on me.  Maybe this is because of my dust allergies, but being able to get under there with the vacuum to collect all the dust bunnies is very satisfying.


I don’t like doing laundry.  I have to keep up with it, or it will take over my life.  Now that I have fewer clothes, this is very important so I have clean clothes to wear.  I have to fold it and put it away right out of the dryer or it will become bedroom decoration.  The good news is that now that there are fewer clothes, finding where to put them away is a lot easier.  Sound familiar?  Keeping up with it is way easier than looking at it covering your bed when you want to go to sleep.  I promise.  Give it a try while your dog is playing with squeaky toys (see below) and you will have something to entertain you while you work.

Dusty blinds

There are a lot of tools designed to dust blinds.  I have never had good luck with any of them, and they make more stuff to store.  Feather dusters and even the disposable versions mostly put the dust into the air where it is not needed.  I like to use either a series of microfiber cloths that can be washed and reused (have a few because they get full of dust quickly) or these disposable cloths coated with some sticky substance that collect the dust and hold it forever.  I learned about them from the janitorial staff at work.  They are not very eco-friendly, but they work brilliantly.  No, no one gives me any rewards for mentioning any products.

Dog toys

My dog loves squeaky toys.  So much, that many of his admirers send him toys of every color and sound.  He has a container of toys in the bedroom next to his bed.  Each day, he chooses a toy of the day to accompany him wherever he goes.  When he is happy, he squeaks his toy to express his joy.  If I squeak it and throw it in the air, he will leap up and catch it, squeaking it in celebration.  I only had to go through his toys to see which were no longer squeaking.  If possible, I replaced the squeakers, fixed holes, and discarded the ones that were past fixing.



Photo credits: bagsgrooveNakedsky
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  1. I’m afraid my husband might fair better at your home than ours because it sounds like it has less dust. I would love to replace the carpeting with hardwood, but I’d rather travel than do that. My bank account won’t allow for both!

    I have a love/hate relationship with laundry. I love shaking the shirts fresh out of the dryer and placing them neatly on a hanger (I need therapy for this, I’m sure). Matching socks was once a real pain, but I’m now using it to meditate a bit. “I love you socks. I’m so glad I have you to put together. Look, there’s your friend!”

    I love how you describe what you do with your dog and his squeak toys!

    • The battles with dust have been epic. I saved for years to get those floors, and then got a dog with long legs and no experience with stairs. He is a very good sport, and has conquered his challenges. I am still working on mine. He gets the credit for the toy arrangement, too. I put them away, and he chooses his favorite each day. Today it is a squeaky quail.
      I agree that socks are the worst! My only solutions are to not wear socks all summer (I walk and hike in sandals every day) and to buy a lot of identical socks so the pairs are easier. I like your idea better, though.

    • Some of it has been fun! I think I may have left the hardest to the last in this project until last–the books. At one point, I considered a three point plan. 1) Win the lottery 2) Get rid of all clothing, linens, cookware and dishes 3) Start over with a staff of housekeepers.

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