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Posted on Aug 26, 2013 in How to simplify, My Journey | 3 comments

Simplify Your Dishes: End-of-Summer Cleanup Part 9


I have a small dining room.  It seats 6 with the leaf in the table, but has only a small cabinet for linens and serving dish storage besides the table, chairs.  I store my everyday dishes in the kitchen, along with the glasses and cutlery, right next to the pass-through to the dining room.

Even though I have only room for 6 at the table, I somehow have dishes, cutlery and glasses for twelve.  I am going to live with this.  When I have more guests than that, I serve a buffet in the dining room and we eat all over the place.

What I can’t live with is all the linens.  When I first moved in here, I wanted to serve meals with cloth napkins, and reduce my use of paper products.  I had almost nothing.  I picked up a few things, people gave me beautiful things, and I inherited some heirlooms from my family.

For this room, I did the same as for my clothes:

  • Does it fit my needs?
  • Do I love it?
  • Have I used it in the past year?
  • Is it cracked, torn, stained or otherwise damaged?

This didn’t take long at all.  It might be getting easier after three weeks.

Photo credit: DaveCrosby
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  1. We have two sets of dishes which I think is ridiculous for us. We’re just two and never have more than four people eating a “fancy” dinner – and, believe me, that is very rare. Our families are far away, and we usually go away on holidays. Oh boy, perhaps we should donate one and keep the other. Just not sure…I think I may just have to be ok with keeping both for now. The golden placemats with jinglebells are beautiful and festive, but I think they can leave the premises with no further ado!

    • Good for you! I had a few things that I did not make that final decision on, just because I have the space to store them. This is just postponing the inevitable, though.

  2. My situation is similar to yours. I have one table that will seat six. I have one set of dishes that I love (enough for 12). When we have more than six, we set up a buffet, and guests eat wherever. I seldom use linens, but have some nice placemats. Thanks for the post!

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