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Posted on Aug 21, 2013 in How to simplify, My Journey | 0 comments

Simplify your closet: End-of-Summer Cleanup Part 6


When I started this End of summer cleanup, I really thought that there wasn’t much clutter in my house.  I tackled most of my extra clothes the other day when I cleared out the winter clothes in the guest room, and the shoes were handled in the entryways.  Yesterday, I went through my bedroom, and found three areas that had accumulated stuff that I don’t think I really saw any more.

Abandoned books

First, there was a stack of books that I started reading, but were waiting to be finished.  I feel bad if I give up on a book before reading the whole thing.  Sometimes, I get caught up in another book, sometimes a book is just not what I am looking for.  Today, I gave myself book-amnesty.  All half-read books will be donated, so someone else can find exactly what they are looking for.  Stack gone.

Clothes I want to love

I don’t have a lot of clothes, jewelry or shoes, but after going through what was here, about a third of what is in my closet doesn’t get much wear.  I went through each item, and added it to the give-away pile if it fell into one or more of these categories:

  • Doesn’t fit any more
  • Out of style or no longer my taste
  • Has stains or unrepairable damage

I found that I keep things that I loved wearing at one time, even if there is no way to repair.  These have to be discarded.  I am also reluctant to get rid of things I purchased for a specific event (costume party or themed fundraiser), hoping that I might get another use out of them someday.  I also hold onto gifts, hoping that I can use the items to honor the gift-giver.


I travel quite a bit.  I don’t like to manage checked bags, so I have become very good at packing only what I need in a small carry-on bag.  Once my extra clothes were gone, I noticed a set of 3 bags that I only used to pack my closet when I moved into this house.  They were stored inside of the largest bag in the corner.  I thought I had given these away a long time ago.  GONE.  Someone will find this set and find them perfect for their around-the-world tour.  I hope they enjoy them, but I sort of want to add a note in there saying that you don’t really need to pack that much, even for a long trip.

Like my guest room, most of the extra stuff in my room was stored out of sight in an organized way.  Other than the stack of books, my room does not look noticeably different.

After all was done, letting go of these items was such a relief, because they were covered with dust and guilt, both of which bother my allergies.


Photo credit: geishaboy500
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