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Posted on Aug 19, 2013 in How to simplify, My Journey | 4 comments

Simplify Your Bathroom: End-of-Summer Cleanup Challenge Part 5


Today, I tackled my bathroom.  This room is not cluttered.  It has the necessities for everyday activities, and a few brightly colored towels to cheer things up.  Underneath the sink, though is a different story.  There were three sources of problems:

Stock up and forget

I ha a habit of stocking up on shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste when there were coupons and sales.  I got great deals.  Even without the stockpiles amassed by the extreme couponers, I used to just put the supplies in the cabinet, confident that I had enough when the current containers ran out.  Unfortunately, as these items were out of sight, I forgot about them.

Old prescription medications

This is scary.  I’m afraid to throw it away, and afraid of how dangerous these medications might be.  As a result, there were over 20 different expired items at the back of the cabinet.  The FDA had instructions on how to deal with this, but the easiest way is to bring the medications to a designated location.  This took some time, but I’m gld to have them gone.


What is harder to say no to than free stuff (maybe pie for breakfast?)?  This is something I have a new policy about.  If I would not pay money for the same item and use it immediately, I say no, thank you to free samples.  I have a pile of samples of cosmetics, shampoos and face wash.  More than I could use in years of travel.  These, I donated to a woman’s shelter.  They will get used instead of sitting in my cabinet collecting dust.

Now, there is enough space now to store the cleaning supplies and paper products in one cabinet, and toiletries and such in another.  I don’t have to use the guest bathroom for storage any more.

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  1. Hi Debra, I like to go through all my cabinets, closets, and drawers once a year. Even if you are not a hoarder, it seems that for whatever reason you stop using an item. For example, I once had a meat grinder; now I never grind meat. As you said, prescriptions become outdated.
    I like your idea of donating the samples to a shelter. Its important to give away whatever is useful.
    Thanks for the nice post and the clean-up reminder!

    • This sounds like a great plan. It has been many years since I cleaned out that cabinet. I think I was just worried about throwing medications away. I’m getting ahead of myself, but I am way more persistent in the kitchen, but still found a few things like your meat grinder.

  2. I recently cleaned out my bathroom closet and found many travel size products. I decided to use them up instead of store them for the “next vacation”. Not only do they go bad over time but I shop before a trip anyway to buy exactly what I need. It’s liberating not to have so many little things waiting around to be used. Plus I have luvednusing many different lotions this summer from the little bottles. It’s fun to change it up a bit.

    • It is fun! I did the same this morning with some samples that were already started. It’s funny how even the different scents can wake you up a bit in the shower. I guess that’s why I pick them up when offered, but never use them. Maybe they are “too special” like the gifts of food!

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