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Posted on Jul 31, 2013 in Inspiration, My Journey | 2 comments

What if it were gone?


I had an experience the other day with some dishes.  I bought them on impulse several years ago while shopping for a wedding gift.  They were beautiful handmade recycled glass plates that somehow looked like they were formed from ice crystals .  They were very large dinner plates. They were discontinued, and clearance priced because there was an odd number.  I bought all three.

I reasoned that I needed some serving dishes, and that they were beautiful and inexpensive.  Why not?  I learned why when I got home.  They took up a lot of space in the cabinet, they had to be stacked by themselves because they did not sit flat on each other, and they were heavy!  I continued to use them for a long time despite their inconvenience.  They did a fair job as serving dishes, and they did look nice.

Until last week.  I was getting ready to have some friends over for dinner, and they broke.  Each of them broke in half when something heavy was put on the stack.  How did I feel?  Guilty?  Sad? Angry?  No, I felt relieved. I was putting up with those dishes because they were there. I was happy to have an excuse to throw them away!

This seems like a good test for whether you want to keep something or  pitch it out:  How would you feel if it broke right now?  Would you scour Ebay until you found another one just like it, or would you just go on and use another item in the cabinet?



Photo credits: jules:stonesoupKristian Thøgersen


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  1. This is a great idea. One thing I noticed after becoming parent to a rather wild boy who sometimes broke things….I was frequently not that sad to see them go!

    • We’ll see if it is possible to predict! Maybe if I put things out of sight for a while I can get some practice.

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