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Posted on May 24, 2013 in How to simplify | 0 comments

Simplify Your Grocery Shopping


Ever go to the grocery store because you are hungry and there’s nothing to eat at your house? Have you ever wandered the aisles in a daze and randomly put things in the basket?

Ever go to the store resolved to buy only whole, healthy food, only to toss it away weeks later when it gets slimy in the veggie bin?

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Don’t do that. The grocery store is designed to get you to do stay a long time, travel down every row, and buy what they offer you. They put the veggies, bread, milk and meat in the back and sides of the store, as far apart as possible, so you will walk past the ice cream, the deli and the picnic basket display.

    Plan what you will eat. Think about your schedule, and each meal you need to make.

    Go to the store alone, if possible. Don’t stay any longer than necessary. This means you should avoid shopping on Saturday afternoon, unless you can’t live without free samples (see below.)

    Bring a calculator. Figuring out which size is the best deal is why you took algebra.

    Go to the store armed with a list, and stick to it. If you read the circulars first, you can save money by planning your meals around the sales. If you don’t worry about the prices, just plan your meals based on whatever you like, but buy only what you will really use.

    Use your pantry and freezer to their best advantage (besides holding ice cream.)

One more thing:
Don’t go to the store and hang out at the end of each row to sample all the food while leaving your cart in the aisle. No, it’s OK for you to eat everything, but quit blocking my way to the coffee aisle.

Photo Credit: The Consumerist

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